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As part of our 100th Anniversary celebration, we have pulled together some of the articles written for the Teamster magazine over the past century, giving a glimpse of what was important, and what were interests and concerns of Teamsters in times past. Items are presented in their original form, including styles of spelling and grammar.

Each month there will be new articles to read from various decades, starting with our early history, pre-1920, and moving forward from there. Click here to see a list of previous month's articles.

In the early days the magazine consisted of essays and editorials as well as news items, and articles were contributed from other publications. New issues were eagerly awaited each month, both as a source of information and leisure activity, generally being read thoroughly cover to cover. It was also a source of great pride to have one's letter or comment included in an issue. And, then as now advertisements paid for the cost of publication. The first items here are from 1906, just two-and-a-half years after the founding of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen and Helpers. Cornelius Shea was the General President, followed in 1907 by Daniel J. Tobin, who remained in that office until retiring in 1953.

*Photos From the 1974 issue of Teamster Magazine

APRIL 1974

Woman Zookeeper at San Diego Zoo


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MAY 1974

Jesse Jackson and Teamsters Collaborate
on Community Service Project


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