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Trade Divisions and Conferences
Airline Division
The Teamsters is the only union that represents every craft of workers in the airline industry. The law covering airline employees requires that they be organized on a system-wide basis for the purpose of collective bargaining.
Airline employees are covered by the Railway Labor Act rather than the National Labor Relations Act. Local unions should contact the Airline Division for assistance with organizing airline employees, collective bargaining in the industry, and establishing an Airline Grievance and Arbitration System Board of Adjustment under the Railway Labor Act.
The Teamsters Airline Division must initiate all representation election petitions, RLA Section 6 contract negotiation notices, and requests for the services of the National Mediation Board (NMB). Additionally, all collective bargaining certifications issued by the NMB in the airline industry are issued in the name of the International.

Don Treichler, Director
Phone (310) 645-9860
Fax (310) 645-9869

Carhaul Division
The Carhaul Division consists of more than 80 local unions representing nearly 13,000 Carhaul members. The division negotiates and administers the National Automobile Transporters Agreement and its supplements.
The division provides assistance to local unions with grievances, negotiations, and arbitrations.

Doc Conder, Director
Phone (202) 624-8997
Fax (202)624-8789

Bakery and Laundry Conference
The Bakery and Laundry Conference includes approximately 240 Teamsters  local unions throughout the United States and Canada representing bakery sales drivers, transports, biscuit and laundry drivers. It is a voluntary organization that, in addition to its elected officers, has a policy committee of approximately forty members from both the United States and Canada. The conference exchanges information on contracts negotiated in the U.S. and, upon request, with contract negotiations and problem solving. Several policy meetings and a conference are held each year in designated cities as decided by the delegates.

Richard Volpe, Director
Phone (516) 747-0696
Fax (516) 747-0676

Brewery and Soft Drink Conference
The Brewery and Soft Drink Conference is the Teamsters beverage trade division. The conference acts on common problems of all Teamsters locals with members employed in the brewing and soft drink industries as well as in other related industries. Conference staff assists locals engaged in organizing campaigns in the beverage industry and initiate organizing campaigns at new plants built by national companies. Staff is also available to provide assistance to local unions with contract negotiations. 
Coordinating and promoting legislative activity on problems of mutual concern is another primary function of the conference. It has proven effective in winning such victories as national legislation supporting the legality of territorial franchising agreements.

Jack Cipriani, Director
Phone (202) 624-6921
Fax (202) 624-6925

Building Material and Construction Trade Division
The Building Material and Construction Division represents approximately 325 local unions with construction and/or building materials within their craft jurisdiction. The division represents the International Union at the AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department, Metal Trades Department, participates on their General Presidents’ Committee on contract Maintenance, the Heavy and Highway Construction Committee, and under the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee. The division’s association with these committees helps Teamsters members gain employment in the industry.
The division is also responsible for representing members in the moving and storage industry and waste industry, the administration and negotiation of the Tennessee Valley Authority agreement, Environmental Remediation Cleanup work (HAZMAT training and negotiating project labor agreements), and the technical and administrative aspects of the Davis-Bacon Act and other related prevailing wage laws.
The division assists in the development and implementation of organizing campaigns in the construction and building material supply industries and provides assistance in the handling and resolution of construction jurisdictional disputes involving other international building trade unions, settling of grievances with contractors, as well as assistance in the negotiation of project agreements, maintenance agreements, and pipe line work.
Division staff provides contractors with information regarding the Teamsters local union construction jurisdiction and Teamsters construction local unions with information on forthcoming pre-jobs, project agreements, and pipeline work.

Richard Stern, Director
Phone (202) 624-6885
Fax (202) 624-6925

Dairy Conference
The Dairy conference assists Teamsters locals in representing dairy and food processing employees. Many of these workers are employed by companies operating nationwide, although labor agreements are negotiated on an individual basis with local unions. By monitoring these agreements, the conference tries to keep wage and benefit uniformity within the industries. The conference negotiates a Master Dairy Agreement for the central region with 40 signatory companies.
The conference provides assistance to local unions with grievances, negotiations, company information, and organizing, and has regional Representatives available to assist locals.

Fred J. Gegare, Director
Phone (414) 435-8895
Fax (414) 435-1522

Freight Division
The Freight Division represents the interests of more than 120,000 Teamsters members, including truck drivers, dockworkers, mechanics, and office personnel. These members are affiliated with approximately 260 local unions. The vast majority of freight members work under the terms of the National Master Freight Agreement (NMFA). Together with a team of Teamsters freight leaders selected from across the country, the Freight Division helps negotiate the NMFA as well as supplemental agreements that cover specific geographic areas and/or job classifications. The division also approves contracts per NMFA standards. The current NMFA will be in effect through March 2003.
On a daily basis, the Freight Division coordinates National Grievance Panels, Regional Grievance Panels, changes of operations, and negotiations of individual contracts. The Freight Division also responds to questions from members and local unions concerning worker benefits, equipment safety, grievances, changes of operation, and organizing new members. The division works closely with other departments to further the interests of freight members.

Tyson Johnson, Director
Phone (202) 624-8761
Fax (202) 624-8722

Industrial Trades Division
The Industrial Trades division is comprised of approximately 400 affiliated local unions covering more than 152,000 members in the industrial and automotive trades. These members work in manufacturing companies such as chemical, agriculture, paper, electronic, tool and die, tires, transmission companies, etc.. It also covers parking garages and parking lots, including Central Parking, the largest parking operator in the world. IBT represents 20,000 members in the parking industry alone. Recently, we formed the National parking Council to give higher visibility to this sector of the division. Car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis and National also employ a large number of our members.

Stephen Mack, Director
Phone (202) 624-7487
Fax (202) 624-8722

Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division
The Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division represents workers in the motion picture industry including firms that produce feature films, television programs, commercials, and live theatrical productions. In recent years, the industry has expanded outside the major film centers so the theatrical Teamsters can be found working in every state and Canadian province.
The division promotes greater film production and, wherever the location, the usage of Teamsters to ensure that production transportation needs are met at the high standard of professionalism the division has set for the industry.
The division can provide information on what Teamsters should expect and what the company expects when Hollywood comes to your area. They can also provide information on wage/condition standards and assist with contract negotiations. Every state and province, as well as many cities and counties, have established film offices. These offices can assist with related activities in your area.

Leo T. Reed, Director
Phone (323) 877-3277
Fax (323) 985-0097

Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Worker
The Newspaper Drivers Division serves the special needs of those working within the newspaper and magazine industry. The division is active in organizing campaigns, and it also assists local unions with contract negotiations, pre-strike planning, strikes, and first contract preparation and negotiations. The division can also act as coordinator for organizing efforts. Special attention has been given to locals who have requested legislative assistance concerning issues that are important to the newspaper/print industry.

Joe Molinero, Director
Phone (202) 624-6807
Fax (202) 624-7457

Parcel and Small Package Division
The Parcel and Small Package Trade Division oversees the contract administration for both the National Master Agreement and the Area Regional Agreements for United Parcel Service. In addition, the division also monitors the Area Grievance Panels. This division has a consistent presence at all local grievance panels to ensure proper coordination from the local panels to the National level. All calls, correspondence, and contract issues that arise on a day-to-day basis are directed to the division and handled by our Representatives on staff, with a report back to the Director.

Ken Hall, Director
Phone (202) 624-8755
Fax (202) 624-6931

Port Division
The Port Division was established to monitor the economic impact of port activities on Teamsters members. With a tremendous presence on the waterfronts, Teamsters members work in warehouses and distribution centers and on the trucks. Specifically, the Port Division is monitoring changes in the nature and volume of work done at the ports, especially that of the railroads, in an effort to protect and enhance Teamsters jobs.
This division, in conjunction with the Teamsters Research Department, monitors the port industry, looking for organizing opportunities at nonunion trucking operations that move port cargo, warehouses, and other operations that feed off port activity. Division staff researches and analyzes statistical data and assists local unions.
Public Services Trade Division
The Public Services Division is comprised of at least 225 affiliated local unions representing workers employed by government entities throughout the U.S. and Canada. This division represents approximately 170,000 members in various job classifications. These workers are covered by regulations and laws that vary by state, province, and local authorities of government.
The division’s goals are to establish a network of union representatives who can volunteer their skills, knowledge and experience to the division; promote legislative activity that further workers’ rights and job security in the public sector; provide assistance with organizing, negotiations, and coalition building; fight privatization; resolve jurisdictional disputes; and work closely with International Union departments to develop materials and programs tailored to the needs of the division.

Carl Haynes, Director
Phone (202) 624-8149

Rail Conference

The Rail Conference coordinates activities on behalf of members within the rail industry in the United States, including all members of the former International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (IBLE) in the United States, and any rail union with independent jurisdiction that may merge with the IBT in the future.

On January 1, 2004, the members of the IBLE became Teamsters after 81 percent of the IBLE members voting in favor of a merger. The IBLE then became known as the BLET (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen) and is the first craft division within the Rail Conference. The BLET represents all locomotive engineers, trainmen and related operating personnel.

The IBLE affiliates in Canada are a part of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference.

Tankhaul Division
The activities and affairs of the newly established Tankhaul Division are coordinated daily with regional representatives.
The National Tankhaul Division, with the assistance of four regional representatives, assists local unions and members with contract negotiations, grievance processing, and resolution of disputes which may arise between the local unions and employers. Tankhaul has a staff attorney who is responsible for giving legal assistance, which will enable the division to better serve its locals and members in the Division.

Keith Gleason, Director
Phone (202) 624-6862
Fax (202) 624-8137

Trade Show and Convention Centers Division
The Trade Show and Convention Centers Division represents Teamsters members who install trade shows and conventions, work in hotels and casinos, and operate buses, limos and moving vans throughout the United States.
The Trade Show and Convention Centers Division helps local unions organize and represent all employees who work in this industry throughout the United States and Canada. The division also helps Teamsters members acquire and maintain the technical abilities and high standards needed in these jobs.
The division can provide information and assistance to Teamsters locals in obtaining higher wages and benefits, and better working conditions through contract negotiations.

Position Vacant
(202) 624-6800
Fax (202) 624-7457

Warehouse Division
The Teamsters Warehouse Division provides a variety of support services to local unions representing members employed in warehousing, distribution and related industries, and job classifications such as drivers, lift truck operators, equipment operators and clerical.
The Warehouse Division assists local unions in the design and execution of successful bargaining and campaign strategies. The Warehouse Division is responsible for conducting production standards reports and time studies. Beyond just doing the study, the division works with locals and their members to understand and better deal with the production standards and systems.

John A. Williams, Director
Phone (202) 624-8737
Fax (202) 624-6925


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