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The General Executive Board:
At Large

Randy Cammack

“I want to help reunify our union, and I am confident that we will rebuild the union into the powerhouse it once was.”

Randy Cammack was elected Vice President At Large of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 1998, running on the Unity Slate. A longtime leader and activist among UPS employees, with vast experience in organizing, bargaining, grievances and pensions, he works for a strong and financially secure union.

  • Secretary-Treasurer, Local 63, representing 14,000 members.
  • Trustee of Teamsters Joint Council 42.
  • Trustee of the Western Conference of Teamsters Supplemental Pension Program.
  • Trustee of the Pacific Coast Benefits Trust.
  • Former President, Joint Council 92, representing 47,000 Teamsters in Southern California.

Fred Gegare

“My goal is a sound and financially stable International Union. The membership deserves the best representation for their dues.”

After serving as National Dairy Director of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for a decade, Fred Gegare was elected Vice President At Large in 1998. His 22 years of experience as a union officer, negotiating good contracts and winning arbitration awards are invaluable on the General Executive Board.

  • Secretary-Treasurer of Local 75 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • National Dairy and Food Processing Director for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 1989-present.
  • President, Joint Council 39, representing 40,000 members and 20,000 retirees in Wisconsin.
  • Teamster since 1972, steward five years, officer for 22 years.


Carl E. Haynes

Working people must have strong advocates to represent them in front of company management and government bureaucrats. The Teamsters have always taken great pride in their reputation as tough fighters and negotiators. Today, however, we need to be smart and always mindful of the bottom line. Our members expect and deserve no less.

Carl E. Haynes is a skilled negotiator and leader who has served as President of the 24,000-member Teamsters Local 237 since 1993. He is the newest member of the General Executive Board, having been appointed a Vice President At Large in June 2001, and he also directs the Teamsters Public Services Division.

  • National Public Services Division Director for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 1999-present.
  • President, Teamsters Local 237, representing 24,000 city employees in New York City, 1993-present.
  • Serves as vice president on the AFL-CIO Executive Council and the executive boards of the New York State AFL-CIO, the New York Central Labor Council, and the Municipal Labor Committee (a coalition of 51 city employee unions).
  • Serves on the board of the United Way, Group Health Incorporated (GHI), the Teamsters National Black Caucus and the Teamsters Civil Rights Conference.
  • Teamster since 1961.

Thomas R. O'Donnell

“My objective is to do everything in my power to support my fellow officers in their efforts to forge a stronger union. Our growth is predicated on our reputation for serving our members and bettering their quality of life both on and off the job.”

Thomas R. O'Donnell, President, Theatrical Teamsters Local 817 for more than 40 years, serves his Teamster brothers and sisters with a wealth of experience to this great union. Under his leadership, Local 817 began a scholarship program that provides free education to any member's child attending an accredited university or college. He was elected Vice President At Large of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 1998. 

  • President, Theatrical Teamsters Local 817, representing 300 members, 1961-present.
  • Director, Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division, 1989-1994.
  • Served on the Mayor's Advisory Board for Film, Television and Theatre.
  • Founding member, Council of Motion Picture and Television Unions.
  • Elected Vice President, League of Senior Voters, 1996.
  • Named Entertainment Man of the Year for 1998 by the Theatrical Mutual Association.

Ralph J. Taurone

“Those of us who know the benefits of Teamster contracts today owe much to the courageous and tenacious trade unionists who built our union. I will work to protect and expand upon their accomplishments.”

Ralph J. Taurone brings an exceptional level of bargaining experience to the General Executive Board, having negotiated local contracts in Bakery, Dairy, Construction, Sand and Gravel, and Warehousing, and been involved in the National Master Freight and National Master Automobile Transport negotiations. He also works as an International Vice President to protect and preserve structure of the Teamster Constitution.

President, Local 222, representing 3,000 members in Salt Lake City, 1975-1981; and Secretary-Treasurer, 1987-present. Previously served as Business Agent and Union Steward.

  • President, Joint Council 3, representing 33,000 members in Salt Lake City, 1995 - present.
  • Western Region Freight Director, 1999-present.
  • Chairman, Western Region Change of Operations and Over the Road Freight Committees.
  • Member, Labor Recodification Committee, state of Utah, appointed by the Governor.



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