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The General Executive Board:
Southern Region

Tyson Johnson

“I’m excited about the fact that Teamsters unity is on the rise. When Teamsters back one another, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. The challenges that lie ahead of us are great, but so is our resolve. Bullying bosses and greedy corporate executives are no match for the strength and solidarity of a proud, unified International Brotherhood of Teamsters.”

Tyson Johnson was appointed Southern Region Vice President in March 2000 to fill out the term of his retiring predecessor Charles Gardner. In September 2003, General President Hoffa appointed him as the new National Freight Director. In his 35 years as a Teamster, he has been a loading dock worker, an over-the-road driver, a shop steward and a business agent. He also currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer and principal officer of Dallas Local 745. He will now bring the same unstinting loyalty and energy to the International that he has long dedicated to his brothers and sisters at the local and regional level.

  • National Freight Director Since September 2003.
  • 35-year member of Dallas Local 745. Currently serving as Secretary-Treasurer and principal officer.
  • Shop Steward at Roadway and O-N-C Freight.
  • Southern Region Freight Coordinator.

Ken Wood

“I was raised by hardworking parents and have lived my life respecting other people’s rights as well as their word. I apply these principles and values in my everyday dealings with the membership and in my position as Vice President.”

Ken Wood’s top goal as Vice President is to build stronger unity in International Brotherhood of Teamsters. His work as President of Local 79 and President of Joint Council 75 made clear the benefits of solidarity when it comes to organizing, bargaining, grievances and all other union operations.

  • President and Business Manager, Local 79, representing 3,500 members in Tampa, Florida, 1975 - 2000. Previously served as Secretary-Treasurer, Business Manager, Recording Secretary, Trustee and Job Steward.
  • President, Teamsters Joint Council 75, 2000 - Present. Previously served as Secretary-Treasurer, 1975 – 1998. Served as Recording Secretary, 1996 - 1998.
  • Member, National Grievance and Negotiating Committees.
  • Chairman, Southern Region Area Parcel Grievance Committee.


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