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Frank Gallegos

“The Teamsters, from the shop floor up to the International, needs to be a union that gives full voice to all Teamsters, no matter their race, sex or industry. If we can do that inside our union, then we can truly reach out and organize everywhere.”

In 1967, Frank Gallegos began working for Basic Vegetable, following the footsteps of his parents and many other family members who were members of Teamsters Local 890. After becoming a shop steward in 1973 at Basic Vegetable, he began his diligent efforts in the Latino community. Under his guidance, after being elected President in 1985, Local 890 built innovative community programs like Citizenship Project, which has helped 10,000 people become citizens and voters. His focus on electoral activism, workers' rights, and cultivating and supporting the youth continue to characterize his work today. Proving he has a great sense of dedication to Teamsters and their families, he is widely recognized for his triumphant leadership of 750 workers through the 25-month strike and lengthy negotiations with Basic Vegetable/ConAgra.  

  • President, Local 890, representing 12,000 members, 1985 - present.
  • California Coordinator for the Teamster Human Rights Conference.
  • Trustee, Teamsters California Council of Cannery Unions.
  • Member, Policy Committee of the Teamsters California Public Affairs Council.
  • Member, Teamsters Hispanic Caucus.
  • Shop Steward, Local 890, 1973


Ron McClain

"It doesn't matter if you live in Canada or the United States, at the end of the day we must be united in our fight to defend working people's rights."

Ron McClain's journey to the General Executive Board began in 1968 when he took a Teamsters job with Rock Island Motor Transit. In 1972 he went to work at the SuperValu Warehouse and later became a Shop Steward in 1974.  In 1986 he was elected Vice President of Local 147 in Des Moines, Iowa.  He has chaired and served on countless negotiating committees, including the National Master Freight Agreement. As a Trustee of the International and a member of the Iowa Conference of Teamsters, he believes in working to bridge the gap between Teamsters in the East and West.

John Steger

John Steger began his career as a Teamster when he took a job as a package delivery driver with United Parcel Service to help pay his university expenses. In 1977 he became a UPS Local 639 shop steward. Two years later his leadership qualities won him the position of Business Agent, and by 1983, he was elected Local 639 Vice President, a position to which he has been continuously reelected. With 7,000 members, Local 639 is the largest Teamsters Local Union in the Washington, DC area. He is chairman of the UPS Atlantic Area grievance committee and serves the negotiating committee for the Atlantic Area supplement to the National UPS agreement.

  • Vice President, Local 639, representing 7,000 members, 1983 - present.
  • Trustee, Health & Welfare and Pension Funds, Local 639.
  • Union Co-Secretary, UPS Atlantic Area Parcel Grievance Committee, representing 19 Local Unions from Philadelphia, PA to South Carolina.
  • Member, UPS Atlantic Area Negotiating Committee.
  • Member, Ad Hoc, DC Wage and Hour Advisory Committee.
  • Business Agent, Local 639, 1979.
  • Shop Steward, Local 639, 1977.


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