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Al Hobart

“I am committed to serving this membership by continuing to rebuild the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at the local and international levels for all present and future Teamsters.

J. Allen (Al) Hobart offers a wealth of experience to the General Executive Board as a Teamster since 1964. Since becoming president of Joint Council 28 in January 2001, Hobart has expanded the joint council's education program to better serve the membership and is dedicated to organizing the unorganized. He places emphasis on enhancing communications with members through the electronic and print media, as well as the new Joint Council 28 website.

  • President, Joint Council 28, representing 56,000 members in Washington, northern Idaho and Alaska, 2001 - present.
  • Executive Board Member of Joint Council 28, 1992 - present.
  • Chief Executive Officer, Local 760, 1990 - 2002.
  • Member, International Teamster Women's Caucus.
  • Treasurer, Washington Teamsters Legislative League.
  • Trustee, Washington Teamster Health and Welfare Trust.
  • Trustee, Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust.

Chuck Mack

“Whether it is organizing, political action, or corporate campaigns — we need members involved. With a united membership, we can restore financial stability, negotiate good contracts, organize, and build Teamster power.”

Chuck Mack was appointed Director of the Teamsters Port Division in 2003. He has been an officer and president of Local 70 in San Francisco for more than 20 years, building an unparalleled record at negotiating first-class benefits, leading successful strikes, and playing an active role in every major labor dispute in Northern California. He focuses on involving members in union decisions and empowering women and minorities.

  • Director, Teamsters Port Division since 2003.
  • President, Joint Council 7, representing 55,000 members in San Francisco, 1982 - present.
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Local 70, representing 5,000 members in Alameda County, 1972 - present. Joined the Local in 1962. Served as a Business Agent from 1966 – 1971.
  • Member, National Freight Negotiating Committee and Grocery Chain Store Negotiating Committee.
  • Led the fight for "Rule of 80" pension benefits.
  • Spearheaded the victorious Fleming Foods national strike and Watsonville Canning strike.
  • Brought Safeway stores to its knees when it attempted to dump its Bay Area workforce and go non-union. 800 jobs were saved.

Jim Santangelo

“My experience and knowledge are deeply rooted in the experiences and knowledge of my members, and I believe that there is nothing more important in this union than the members.”

With more than 30 years of experience as a Teamsters official, Jim Santangelo brings to the General Executive Board a commitment to improving communications between the International Union and the members. He has a remarkable record of winning first-rate contracts and back pay awards, and was instrumental in unifying the wholesale liquor industry in California under one master collective bargaining agreement

  • President, Joint Council 42, representing 140,000 members in Southern California, 1998 - present.
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Local 848, representing 4,000 members in El Monte, California, 1978 - present.
  • Negotiated Master Food, Institutional, Grocery, Liquor, and Soft Drink contracts.
  • Won major back pay awards and returned members to work with full seniority and benefits.


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