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Suggested Reading

Many members and students contact us in search of background information on the Teamsters union and other related labor union history.

Although we provide a brief overview of the Teamster History, and other resources on our web site, we suggest that you locate the following books through your local public library or school library:

A Profile of the Teamsters Union. Industrial Relations Counselors. 1961. New York: IRC, Inc.

America: What Went Wrong? Donald L. Bartlett, James B. Steele/ Andrews & McMeel. March, 1992.

Hoffa and the Teamsters; A Study of Union Power. James, Ralph & Estelle. (1965). New Jersey: Princeton.

Hoffa, The Real Story. Hoffa, James R. & Fraley, Oscar. 1975. New York: Stein and Day.

Hoffa. Sloane, Arthur A. 1967. Massachussetts: MIT.

Labor’s Untold Story. Richard Boyer, Herbert Morais/ United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America. November, 1990.

Lean Years: A History of the American Worker, 1920-1933. Irving Bernstein/ Da Capo Press, Incorporated. April, 1988.

Not Your Father’s Union Movement: Inside the AFL-CIO. Mort, Jo-Ann. 1999. London.

Teamsters All. International Brotherhood of Teamsters. 1976. Washington: Merkle Press.

The Teamsters Union, A Study of Its Economic Impact. Leiter, Robert D. 1974. New York: Octagon Books.

What Do Unions Do? Richard B. Freeman, James Medoff. Basic Books. April, 1984.

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