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Department Services

The Communications Department of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is available to assist members, Local Unions and Joint Councils in their efforts to speak out on behalf of workers.

From web sites and newsletters to press conferences and videos, the Communications Department employs a wide variety of methods and materials to spread the Union’s message clearly and effectively to a wide spectrum of audiences.

Teamster Magazine

Six times a year, the Communications Department publishes Teamster Magazine. With its focus on Teamster news, organizing victories, feature articles, Teamster benefits and messages from IBT leadership, Teamster Magazine is an informational vehicle linking all members of the union.

Division Newsletters/Leader

At regular intervals throughout the year, the Communications Department publishes newsletters for every division and the Teamster Leader. These newsletters provide members with useful news items specific to their industry, along with information on companies organized by the Teamsters in that industry.


The IBT website,, is an ever-growing, changing source of information. Each division and department has its own section, along with current news, legislative issue briefings, a message from the General President and links to other useful information for today’s working families.


Today, there are more public relations opportunities than ever. The Communications Department seeks to maximize the exposure of both the Teamsters Union and Teamster officials in the media. This can be a very effective tool for communicating key messages about the union. Communications staff members also serve as spokespersons for press inquiries on Teamster positions.

Divisional Support

Each IBT division has multiple and diverse communication needs. In addition to newsletters, the Communications Department provides support for organizing campaigns, contract negotiations, strategic media planning and graphic aids that support their efforts.

Local Union Support

The Communications Department is a valuable resource for Teamster local unions. Support is provided for local organizing campaigns, as well as assistance on publicity efforts and advertising.

Program Support Materials

IBT programs often require pamphlets, brochures, and signs to educate both the membership and the public. The Communications Department provides written and graphic content for these materials and assists in their production.


Films and videos are useful education tools. The Communications Department helps guide content development and production of films about the union, its officers and its programs.

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