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Motion Picture & Theatrical Trade Division headlines are culled from current events and the Motion Picture & Theatrical Trade Division Newsletter.

8/19/2008 -

Pressure Builds on FremantleMedia As American Idol Truth Tour Makes Final Stop in New York City

6/23/2008 -

The Daily Item: Article Calls Boston 'The New Toronto of the Film Industry'

2/26/2008 -

LA Times: Writers Bill Aims at Cable Revenue

1/2/2008 -

The Boston Globe: Your Friendly Neighborhood Teamsters

12/13/2007 -

Hoffa Says Counterfeiting, Piracy Cost Jobs

12/11/2007 -

Huffington Post: Unions Support WGA, Fire Labor Busting Spinner Chris Lehane

11/21/2007 -

Hollywood Reporter: WGA Stages Big Hollywood Solidarity March

11/2/2007 -

Writers Guild to Teamsters: Thank You for the Support

11/1/2007 -

Teamsters Support the Writers Guild in Fight for Fair Contract

10/31/2007 -

AP: Unions Offering Support to Writers

10/30/2007 -

Variety: Teamsters Support WGA Picket Lines

5/19/2007 -

Orlando Sentinel: Unions Reject Disney Offer

3/5/2007 -

Contra Costa Times: He Drives the Stars, and Acts Alongside Them

2/5/2007 -

Variety: Studios, Teamsters to Talk

1/16/2007 -

The Hollywood Reporter: Teamsters, Builders Ready to Hammer Out Deal

11/3/2005 -

LA Times: Writers, Producers Close in on Strike

7/14/2005 -

Illinois Governor Signs Film Production Tax Credit Bill

6/24/2005 -

Hollywood Reporter: Casting Directors Vote to Join Teamsters

6/24/2005 -

Voting Process Goes Smoothly for Casting Directors

6/9/2005 -

Casting Directors Urge Peers To Choose Union

Motion Picture &
Theatrical Trade Division

Thank you for visiting the Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade page of the Teamsters web site. The Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division represents workers in the motion picture industry including firms that produce feature films, television programs, commercials, and live theatrical productions.

We have a longstanding tradition of producing one of the world’s most popular forms of leisure media. I look forward to using these pages to inform you of issues that affect our workers and the millions of other hard-working men and women in the motion picture industry.

As the labor movement travels down the information highway it is important that we not lose sight of our commitments to one another as working people. The internet has given us another valuable tool in organizing workers who are without a true voice in their workplaces. The Teamsters are pleased to host this website as a service for all working people who cherish the ideals of trade unionism like fair wages, good jobs, financial security and a better future for our families.

Leo T. Reed

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