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7/16/2008 -

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Times' Outsourcing Deal for Trucks Falters

7/14/2008 -

Santa Barbara Independent: Union Leaflets for Shoppers Boycott of Advertisers

6/26/2008 -

R.R. Donnelly Settles Unfair Labor Practice Charges With Teamsters

6/6/2008 -

UNI: GCC Members Approve Contract in Mt. Morris, Illinois

5/13/2008 -

Newsday: Cablevision Chief Says Deal Will 'Bolster' Newsday

5/12/2008 -

Newsday: Cablevision to Announce Purchase of Newsday

4/8/2008 -

AP: Agency Dismisses Claim by Santa Barbara Newspaper Against Union

3/25/2008 -

Union-Tribune: Lawyer Says Fired Newspaper Workers Should be Reinstated

3/24/2008 -

Santa Maria Times: NLRB Injunction Request Hearing This Afternoon

3/11/2008 -

Santa Barbara Independent: News-Press Settles Suit

3/11/2008 -

AP: Court Asked to Immediately Reinstate Fired Newspaper Workers

3/6/2008 -

Santa Barbara Independent: News-Press, Union Negotiations Crawling Along

3/4/2008 -

Seattle Times: Newspaper, Union Continue Talks

2/26/2008 -

Seattle Times: A Pause in the Times-Teamsters Tussle

2/21/2008 -

Daily Nexus: Union Files Suit Against SB Paper Over Wage Policy

2/19/2008 - P-I Warned On Risk Of Drivers Strike

2/1/2008 -

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Times-Teamsters Dispute Could Affect Newspapers

1/31/2008 -

'Seattle Times,' Teamsters Swap Labor Complaints Over Outsourcing

1/29/2008 -

Editor & Publisher: News-Press Labor Fight Sparks Anti-McCaw Film

1/24/2008 -

Crosscut Seattle: A Pivotal Year For The Times And Its Unions


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