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8/20/2008 -

Bloomberg: FedEx Loses Shareholders as Courts Upend Smith's Business Model

8/12/2008 -

Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement With UPS Freight

7/3/2008 -

Kansas City Workers at UPS Freight Reject Fraud Union in Overwhelming Vote

6/9/2008 -

Hamilton Named Director of New Express Division for DHL Express and Danzas Members

6/6/2008 -

Norwich Bulletin: Group Effort Made Food Drive a Success

5/29/2008 -

Pilots Union Demands Action in Wake of DHL Announcement

5/28/2008 -

MarketWatch: DPWN to Restructure Express Business with New Airlift Partner and Cost Savings Initiative

5/28/2008 -

MarketWatch: UPS, DHL to Sign Multi-Billion Dollar Service Deal

5/28/2008 -

DHL, UPS Announce Air Lift Agreement

5/9/2008 -

Reuters: FedEx Holder Sues Board Over Contractor Problems

4/30/2008 -

The Hill: FedEx Wins Reprieve in Senate Bill

4/21/2008 -

NY Times: Working Life (High and Low)

3/25/2008 -

Tentative UPS Freight Agreement Unanimously Endorsed at National Two-Person Meeting

3/17/2008 -

WWTI 50: Settlement in Redwood Man's Lawsuit Against UPS

2/28/2008 -

Teamsters Support Connecticut Law Cracking Down on Illegal Employee Misclassification

2/7/2008 -

Workers in Charlotte and Spokane Seek Union Membership at UPS Freight

2/4/2008 -

Ft. Wayne Business Weekly: Indiana and California UPS Freight Workers Join Union

1/29/2008 -

Wall Street Journal: Deutsche Post Reviews Its U.S. Road Map

1/28/2008 -

Charleston Gazette: Teamsters Gaining Members at UPS Freight

1/11/2008 -

Wall Street Journal: Teamsters Blast FedEx


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