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Rail Conference Headlines

8/13/2008 -

BLET, Norfolk Southern Reach Tentative Agreement

8/5/2008 -

United as Teamsters

7/16/2008 -

BLET Seeks Clarification Of New DOT Drug Testing Rules

7/15/2008 -

BMWED Bargaining Victory at WATCO

7/1/2008 -

Courier-Post: U.S. Starts Regulating Freight Rail Security

6/25/2008 -

BLET Members Ratify Agreement With Wheeling & Lake Erie

6/20/2008 -

Union Pacific Railroad Blocks Track Inspectors From Safety Training

6/10/2008 -

NY Times: CSX Grasping at Straws to End Battle

6/2/2008 -

Canwest News: Report Says More Work Needed for Rail Safety

5/14/2008 -

Teamster Leaders Lay Track for Rail Safety Solutions

Welcome to the Rail Conference web page. We hope this website will serve as a source of information on the latest developments in the Conference.

The Rail Conference coordinates activities on behalf of members within the rail industry in the United States, including all members of the former International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (IBLE) and the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes (BMWE) in the United States, and any rail union with independent jurisdiction that may merge with the IBT in the future.

On January 1, 2004, the members of the IBLE became Teamsters after 81 percent of the IBLE members voting in favor of a merger. The IBLE then became known as the BLET (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen) and is the first craft division within the Rail Conference. The BLET represents all locomotive engineers, trainmen and related operating personnel.

The IBLE affiliates in Canada are a part of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference.

On October 27, 2004, the members of the BMWE voted by a 76 percent majority to merge with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The BMWE will now be known as the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division (BMWED) and is the second craft division within the Rail Conference. The BMWED members build, maintain, inspect and repair the railroad tracks, bridges and related structures throughout North America.



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