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Press Releases

8/21/2008 -

Teamsters Mourn the Passing of Gene Upshaw, A True Trade Unionist

8/4/2008 -

Hoffa Blasts DOT For Illegally Extending Cross-Border Pilot

7/31/2008 -

Teamsters Praise House Bill Banning Unsafe Mexican Trucks

7/28/2008 -

Hoffa Says WTO Trade Talks Must End With Collapse of Doha

7/23/2008 -

Hoffa Rejects 'Drilling Our Way Out' of Energy Crisis, Demands Long-Term Policy Solutions

7/22/2008 -

Hoffa Joins Thousands of Workers to Support Clean and Safe Ports in Oakland

7/16/2008 -

Teamsters Commend Senate for Moving on High Fuel Costs

7/9/2008 -

Teamsters Oppose Heavier Trucks

6/26/2008 -

Hoffa Leads Rally in Support of FedEx Express Workers' Campaign for Union Representation

6/24/2008 -

Teamsters Support Dorgan Bill to Tackle High Fuel Costs

6/19/2008 -

Hoffa Urges Air Force to Terminate Foreign Contract, Keep Military Jobs in U.S.

6/6/2008 -

Hoffa Urges Swift Passage of Unemployment Insurance Extension

6/5/2008 -

Hoffa Named Superdelegate, Pledges Vote to Obama

6/4/2008 -

Hoffa Supports New Rules for Global Trade

5/23/2008 -

Teamsters Strongly Support Bill to Crack Down on Misclassification

5/8/2008 -

Teamsters Applaud Senate Leadership for Tackling High Fuel Costs

4/25/2008 -

Teamsters Praise NCSL for Rejecting Colombia Trade Deal

4/22/2008 -

Teamsters Dispute "Three Amigo" Claims on NAFTA

4/18/2008 -

Teamsters' Statement on FAA Review

4/17/2008 -

Teamsters Rally Highlights Fight for Workers' Rights in America


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