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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents any group of workers who want to organize to bargain with their bosses on an even footing. We started out as a union of team drivers, the men who drove the horses that drove the economy, a century ago. That’s where the name “Teamster” comes from. But over the years we’ve expanded.

We represent hard-working men and women in lines of work from airline pilot to zookeeper, across seventeen Trade Divisions and Conferences:

  • Airline Division
  • Automobile Transporters Industry Division
  • Automotive, Petroleum and Allied Trades Division
  • Building Material and Construction Trade Division
  • Freight Division
  • Industrial Trades Division
  • Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division
  • Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Workers Division
  • Parcel and Small Package Trade Division
  • Port Division
  • Public Employees Trade Division
  • Tankhaul Division
  • Trade Show and Convention Centers Trade Division
  • Warehouse Division
  • Bakery and Laundry Conference - U.S.A. and Canada
  • Brewery and Soft Drink Workers Conference - U.S.A. and Canada
  • Dairy Conference - U.S.A. and Canada


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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Our membership in this organization precludes us from organizing members already represented by other AFL-CIO affiliates.