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C. Thomas ďTomĒ Keegel

“We are repairing years of financial mismanagement and pure carelessness with the members’ dues. For the first time in years, the Teamsters have a budget and that budget is balanced. We have accomplished this without increasing members’ dues. And we have instituted specific internal reforms to make sure all spending falls within the budgetary lines we have established.”

Tom Keegel loves his Union. In his forty years as a Teamster, he has seen the heights Teamsters can reach when they are strong, proud and unified. As General Secretary-Treasurer, Keegel aims to lift up his Teamsters sisters and brothers through his work as their fiscal watchdog and the guardian of their hard-earned dues money.

Since taking office on March 19, 1999, Keegel has instituted sweeping reforms in every area of the Unionís finances. He has balanced the budget for the first time in more than a decade; hired skilled auditors and accountants; developed programs to extend these reforms to Teamsters Locals, Joint Councils, Divisions and Conferences; and, has begun the process of rebuilding the Unionís treasury and its Strike Fund.

Keegel has also taken a leading role in enforcing the Hoffa Administrationís commitment to running a clean union. As General Secretary-Treasurer, he has instituted legal actions to recover the money stolen from the Union treasury by the prior administration. Further, he has taken the necessary steps that ensure that no such embezzlement is ever allowed to occur again. Keegel has instructed his auditors to help Local Unions make their books models of clarity and ethics. And, he has lent his energy, expertise and enthusiasm to Project R.I.S.E., the administrationís signature anti-corruption program.


A Teamster for forty years, Tom Keegel has held elective office in the union for well over 20 years. His leadership skills earned him the respect and support of his Teamsters brothers and sisters who have consistently supported his efforts.

Keegelís skills as the unionís chief financial officer were honed in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. He built an area pension fund from $3 million in assets to a $220 million powerhouse for Teamsters retirees. That pension fund now offers a top benefit of $55,200 per year and excellent health coverage.


  • 1959: Joined Teamsters Local 544 in Minneapolis as a driver for Steeling Cartage Co.
  • 1970ís: Steward, Recording Secretary and Business Agent, Local 544.
  • 1980ís: Secretary-Treasurer, Local 544; Trustee and Recording Secretary for Teamsters Joint Council 32; Served on Central States Over-the-Road Negotiating Committee of the NMFA.
  • He is currently Co-chair of the Minnesota/ South Dakota Grievance Committee: President of Local 120; President and Principal Officer of Joint Council 32; Chairman of the Minnesota Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund; and Chairman of the Minneapolis Food Pension Plan.
  • 1999-Present: General Secretary-Treasurer, International Brotherhood of Teamsters.


  • 1969: Associate in Arts Degree in History from North Hennepin Junior College in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1970-1973: Studied History and Labor at the University of Arizona and the University of Minnesota


  • Born: September 27, 1941 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Family: Wife - Patricia; three Daughters - Holly, a Minneapolis Police Officer, Heather and Heidi, both members of Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU)
  • Hobbies: An avid football fan, Keegel also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and boating.


  • Ensure financial stability and accountability;
  • Manage and grow Teamster assets;
  • Rebuild the Teamster Strike Fund;
  • Report frequently and accurately on how Teamsters dues monies are being spent;
  • Support the locals;
  • Run a clean Union.


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