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As your Secretary-Treasurer, I’m proud to report that our financial position is the best it has been in quite some time. Last year, we ran our first budget surplus in more than a decade and we put an end to the years of irresponsible and scandalous spending. I pledge to you my commitment to restore the fiscal integrity of this institution through the development of strict internal controls and make the right decisions about how your dues money is spent.

It is great to be a Teamster today because our strength and pride has returned. In unity, we can achieve our goal of Building Better Lives Together. We are successful—be it through organizing, bargaining, or contract enforcement—when we are united.

Remember — UNITED WE WIN.

State of the Union
A message from GST Keegel about the union’s financial health and his goals to restore financial stability to the IBT

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Secretary-Treasurer Keegel’s Biography

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