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Teamster Women's Conference 2000 Workshops
Workshop #1
Managing Personal and Professional Stress
Presenter - Brenda Boyd-Bell,
Local 237
How to balance home, work, handle the stress of working in a man’s world and deal with letdowns.

Workshop #2
Working Women and the World Wide Web:
Resources and Programs to Keep You Informed and Connected
Presenter - Claire Grenewald,
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Communications Dept.
An overview of the exciting new Teamster Internet programs, the new Working Families portal and other web-related resources to help navigate a way through the web to find meaningful resources and information for you and your family.

Workshop #3
Organizing for the Future
Presenters - Bernadette McCulloch and Paula Machello,
IBT Organizing and Strategic Initiatives Departments.

Organizing is the lifeblood of the labor union. This presentation gave new ideas on organizing and how to become involved.

Workshop #4
History of Labor, Yesterday and Today
Presenter - Judy Ancel,
University of Missouri Institute for Labor Studies
A North American Workshop focus of women’s role in labor history.

Workshop #5
How our Teamsters Union Works
Presenter - Cindy Impala,
IBT Department of Education

A look at how the Teamsters Union is structured and the processes used in the workplace to resolve issues, grievance and non-contractual issues between labor and management and between members.

Workshop #6
Working Women and Politics What You Need to Know
Presenters - Jan Oliver, Jennifer Esposito, Christy Bailey, Nancy Yoke,
IBT Government Affairs and DRIVE Departments

Politics affects workingwomen every minute of the day. From the price you pay for gasoline to the number of playgrounds in your neighborhood, politics has an amazing impact on your everyday life. This workshop discussed several hot legislative battles currently being fought by the IBT, as well as how you can make your voice heard in the political process.

Workshop #7
Negotiating Contracts: A Framework for Collective Bargaining
Presenter - Mary Hardiman,
IBT Department of Education
This workshop provided an overview of how bargaining works and what drives the process. Special emphasis was placed on how to develop effective committees and ways to reach positive outcomes.

Workshop #8
Teamster Human Resource Programs: T. A. P. Into Them!
Presenters - Jean C. Dunn and Russ Orth,
School-to-Work and Joint Council 56

Insight and skills to help yourself and others find resources to deal with work/life issues (substance abuse, financial, personal, family, violence, rape, literacy etc.) Information included guidance for contract language to establish a T. A. P. program at your local, how to make referrals to the program, and working with employers and insurance companies to get the best benefit for members.

Workshop #9
Women’s Issues and Rights
Presenters - Attorneys Nicole Pollard, Susan Jansen, and Diane Brown,
IBT Legal Department and Logothetis, Pence and Doll
Your rights under the Family Medical Leave Act and how this law works in conjunction with your negotiated contract language. Also, the issue of pay equity.

Workshop #10
Women & Investing
Presenter - Elizabeth McKown,
State Street Research
Long-term investing topics and concepts, and the unique challenges and issues that women investors must face. It also outlined some key steps to help women specifically plan for the long-term retirement savings.

French Workshop #11
Violence at Work
Presenter - Brigitte Sottile,
Local 931

This workshop was conducted in French and covered the definition of violence, the rights of victims and the responsibility of the employer.



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